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[Limited to 100 copies only. Professionally duplicated and imprinted, high-bias chrome tape.]

Original Second Family Band sage and monolithic electronics wizard Woodman comes from behind the curtain to lift up the sound of Lens. Rising from the depth charge drone constructs of his previous tape for Brave Mysteries, "Techtron Dawn / Chimera", he presents us with a new chalice full of ghostly plunder dubs. The pulsing nostalgic pop tones and spectral remnants of rhythm remain barely enough to support the disembodied vocal attempting to push through the complex webs of echo. Having built up slowly as a collection of works made throughout the last two years, "Oneiricist Dubs" stands as perfect balance between the space drift of his previous works and the post-dancefloor trance workouts of his more recent material. Not unlike smokey ruminations of Decimus, each installment of Lens reveals another turn in the kaleidoscope as we strain to perceive just a glimpse of what generates such organic and confounding beauty.

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